Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Life Diaries #1 : Girls Day Out in Canary Wharf

Hey, beauties! I've got a different post compared to the usual, it's not beauty related but more lifestyle related. I know I haven't been consistent with blogging so I'll just get that out of the way. I've been really busy with a few things. Firstly, it was my cousins' wedding so I was busy with helping out for that then secondly I've been busy setting up my own business. I've had some ideas recently on how to expand so I've been working on making those ideas come to life. You will be hearing more about these ideas later on, once everything is put together. So far, I've got the website set up which you can check out over here and let me know what you think.
Before I go more into detail about the day out with my girl I just wanted to let you guys know what I was wearing.
Jumper : Select Fashion
High Waisted Black Skinny Jeans : Select Fashion
Shoes: Converse
Bag : Micheal Kors* (Gifted)

So, my girl and I decided to go out for a meal and we decided we want to go Canary Wharf because that's where her university is and she always talks about how amazing the views are and what nice places there are. Before this, I had never been to Canary Wharf because it's literally on the opposite side to where I live in London. As you can see from the photos the views are amazing.
Then we just walked around trying to find nice places to take photos and there were so many in Canary Wharf. Everything just looks so beautiful.
For lunch, we both chose to go to Byblos Harbour which is a Lebanese restaurant and they also do shisha outside. We were going to do shisha too but we were running short of time so we just stuck with having lunch. I ordered the Shish Taouk which is grilled chicken and it is served with vermicelli rice alongside a salad. My girl and I ordered chips too which we shared together and that is served with ketchup as a dip. For a drink, we both just got a coke which is served with lemon. 
The order took so long to arrive, it felt like we had been waiting at least 45 minutes and we both were getting so impatient. That was the only downside because we were getting really hungry and slow service is disappointing. However, the food was worth the wait. It's full of flavour and nothing too spicy. The portions are big and you get more than you pay for. Everything was well cooked and we both enjoyed our meal.

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