The Best Nude Matte Liquid Lipsticks Ever!

Hey, beauties! I'm so excited to do this post because I am genuinely passionate about these liquid lipsticks and I've been using them for over 2 years. I always end up repurchasing these lipsticks and these are the only lipsticks I reach for. I'm a nude lipstick girl, you will never find me in a coloured lipstick and these are my go-to ones.  To find out why these are my favourites, carry on reading.

From Left to Right: w7 Velvet Secret Matte Lip Colour in El Toro // w7 Skinny Lipping Matte Nude Lipcolour in Ouch!! // Off the Wall // Arty

Starting off with the packaging! The nude lip colours remind me of the NYX Professional Makeup Lingerie liquid lipsticks in the packaging as well as the colour range. So the first liquid lipstick is the w7 Velvet Secret Matte Lip Colour 2.5ml in the Shade El Toro for £5.95. The next liquid lipsticks are the w7 Skinny Lipping Matte Nude Lip Colour in the shade Ouch!!, Off the Wall and Arty for £5.95. It's a simple long tube with a black lid that had a sponge applicator brush. A simple neat look, nothing too fancy. The tube has a lot of product in it which lasts me a few months considering I wear them all the time.

When you first apply them they're liquid and then they dry into a matte finish. I've tried many matte lipsticks which don't dry and don't give the desired matte finish or if they do dry, they completely dry out your lips making them feel uncomfortable or making them look flaky. These lipsticks dry within 20-30 seconds and still keep your lips feeling soft and smooth.
These lipsticks have a great amount of pigmentation and one coat is enough to give an opaque finish. When it dries, it dries into a beautiful nude shade. There's absolutely no clogging and no flaking. It applies smooth and dries just like that. I wear these lipsticks all day long without touch ups unless I really need to. They're long-lasting and don't budge. They don't lose colour. They stay exactly the same throughout the day. The only downfall this lipstick has is the more coats you start to apply of this lipstick, it begins to dry out your lips and clog in the cracks so I wouldn't recommend more than two coats of it.

Overall, the liquid lipsticks are so affordable and they're a great value for the price. You can't go wrong with them because they are the perfect formula for a matte liquid lipstick and they do what a lipstick should do. They have a great selection of nude colours, one to suit each skin tone. This is great for everyday use because they're subtle and they look amazing.

Let me know what you think.

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