May Favourites 2018

Hey, beauties! I can't believe it's the 2nd of June already! May went by so quick and it has been a hectic month with all of my uni exams but I'm glad they're out of the way and this month I'm just looking forward to the holidays as well as getting my exam results. Hope you all had a great month! Today, I will be sharing a few of the beauty favourites I have been loving in May!

1 - Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo 400ml for £6.49
Dry shampoo is always a lifesaver for when you've been unable to wash your hair and want to remove the greasiness. Let's face it we don't have time to wash our hair, dry it, then style it every day especially during exam season so this is what I would use on those days. Now, if there's one thing to know about me is that I love big hair and volume. This dry shampoo is perfect for adding extra volume to your hair and adds texture which is great for if you like doing hairstyles.

2 - MAC Pro Longwear Powder/Pressed in Medium for £22.50
So this month, I've been doing a very simple base and wearing minimal makeup. I haven't been wearing liquid foundation only pressed powder to even out my skin tone. This pressed powder matches perfectly to my skin and gives full coverage as well as looking subtle and minimal at the same time. This is perfect for if you don't have a lot of time to do your makeup as it gives you the coverage you need, giving a flawless base and lasts all day long too. I've hit pan on it already!

3 - Prima Makeup Pressed Glitter in Hot Chocolate for £4.50
I personally find loose glitter very messy and it takes an effort to apply. This is where pressed glitter is a game changer as it makes applying glitter so much easier. You wouldn't even need glitter glue to be able to use these pressed glitters but I do just to make sure it lasts all day. They're very intense. It also makes the application neater. I love the colour of this pressed glitter. It's a bronzey brown shade and it's so pretty. I love applying brown shades for eyeshadow so when I want to do an extra glam look I apply this glitter on top. It looks so pretty. I love these pressed glitters. I want to get the Prima Makeup Pressed Glitters palette with a variety of shades because I love glitters.

4 - Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette for £8.35
I've had this palette for a long time but I haven't reached for it in a while and I recently started using it again. I've been loving it for the summer as it has really pretty girly shades. There are purples and golds. The shades are subtle and don't look as dramatic which I've been liking recently. There is shimmer to the shades and I think it's the perfect summer palette. There's not much fallout. The pigmentation is a 7/10 but I don't mind that as it is what keeps the shades subtle. To increase the pigmentation I spray my eyeshadow brush with water.

5 - Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 125ml for £3.59
This is one of my favourites to remove my makeup with. I just take some on a cotton pad and start off with my eyes then wipe the rest of my face. It's so gentle on the eyes and face. It removes all my makeup off. Some makeup removers have a stinging sensation on my face whereas this one doesn't do this and a little goes a long way. I recently just switched back to it when I ran out my Garnier Micellar Water.

6 - KIKO Milano Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow in 06 Pearly Chocolate for £15.00
I got this from KIKO but I couldn't find it anymore. I don't think they do these anymore but I found a seller on eBay who sells these. It's such a shame because I really love these. It's my favourite cream eyeshadow. The shade is so intense and pigmented. Even this alone on the eyes would look so pretty! It glides on so smoothly. I love this shade and as I have said before I love browns on my eyes so this is my go-to shade.

7 - No 7 Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner in Midas
Another product that has been discontinued but I had to include it because I've been using it a lot. It's a gold liquid eyeliner. I love the brush too as it is thin and makes the application so easy. I've been doing a wing with this and no eyeshadow on my eyes. It's very simple but looks so pretty and I think it's perfect for summer.

8 - Inglot Cosmetics YSM Pressed Powder in 48 for £11.00
I have been using this pressed powder as a bronzer as it is a pressed powder and it has good coverage. Like I said I haven't been wearing liquid foundation and sticking to minimal makeup so this helps with coverage. It's the perfect brown-orange shade for bronzing with. It's not too dark which keeps it subtle and less dramatic. It has a slight shimmer to it too which I've been loving in the summer. It looks so pretty especially when the sun hits your face as you can see the little specs of shimmer.

So these are my favourites! What have you been loving?

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