Hey, beauties! Just wanted to do a quick review on this brush set I picked up a few days ago. I got the unmistakable - 4 piece luxury brush collection by The Crรจme Shop from TK Maxx for £7.00. I've never tried brushes from this brand before so I decided to give them a go plus they were really inexpensive. Plus you can never have too many brushes when it comes to doing your makeup. To read my thoughts on these please continue reading.

This brush set comes with 4 brushes and the collection is purely designed for the face, from foundation to powders. Let's talk about the packaging. These brushes do look very luxurious and expensive. There's gold and the brush handle is a creamy beige colour with a glossy finish. The brush hairs are black with white ends. The hairs on these brushes are soft and gentle.

This is the powder brush. It is quite small so I would use it for applying blush or blending in powders. I would use it for setting my under eyes as it would fit.

This is the foundation brush but let's be real none of us actually use it for that. It's not the best at blending in products but it's great for applying any cream products on to the face. I like it for mixing in foundations with or using it for applying cream contour. It's also really good for applying face masks with.

This is the highlight brush but I wouldn't really use it for that as it's not the right size. For highlight, I like smaller brushes or something that's a little denser. I would use this for contour as it's angled and the right shape for that.

This is the contour brush but this is too large for that. I would use this for setting my makeup and powders. Would use this to blend powders out with. It is very fluffy so wouldn't do the job for things that require more detail.

These brushes are versatile and have many uses. These are four must-have brushes for doing face makeup with. They're only £7.00 which means the price of one brush is £1.75 which is such a good deal considering the quality of these brushes is amazing. They're so soft. They surely got it right, because these brushes definitely look luxurious to me.

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